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A New (Ad)Venture

As if I weren’t feeling guilty enough about how behind I am on my to-do lists, I’ve decided to become officially insane and start my own press.  It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m tired of telling myself “someday” when there’s really nothing holding me back from doing it today. 

Villainess Press will focus on Gurlesque writing, mainly poetry, flash fiction and lyric essay. I am so lucky I have the type of life that lets me occasionally fly by the seat of my pants. I’m hoping this becomes a good thing on my life, a simultaneous home and escape like theater is for me. In fact, I named the press Villainess because that’s usually the type of part I play. It’s so much fun to be the bad girl, edgy humor, great songs to get to belt. It’s also a very productive outlet for pent up aggression, just writing. See what I did there?

Please follow the press and stay with me. I’m planning great things.

Also, Twitter & Tumblr: @villainesspress


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