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I’m working on it. That’s my new mantra. Everything, I’m working on it. A new chapbook, a show, cleaning the house, organizing… Well, I’m working on it. In the past two weeks, I’ve assembled two new chapbooks for publication and applied for yet another pay-the-bills job (at a company I LOVE, so that’s good).

 And today, I joined a gym. An actual gym, not the Y (which is so miss, but it’s so expensive and doesn’t come with free massages like my new gym). Since leaving my serving job last year, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight, not that anyone notices, but it bothers me. I keep having to buy bigger clothes. The worst feeling I’ve come across lately is trying on seething that was loose the last time I wore it and now I can’t even pull it past my hips. 

I figured if I made the yoga challenge work for a month that the designed-for-me program from the trainer at the gym should be doable too. And, since I’m spending money on it, I really have no excuses to NOT do it. At least I like drinking water now, too. (Thank you Gallon a Day Challenge!)

And in the meantime, I’m trying to write more poetry, read more, always more. For the sedentary lifestyle I’ve been living lately, it sure looks like I’m doing more than I thought. The thing is, I know if I get off my butt (literally), I can accomplish even more! 

My 2015 personal challenges are shaping up well so far. I’m achieving quite a few of them. At least, I can say I’m on track to do so.


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