Yoga Challenge: Days 24 & 25

Pose of the Day: Boat

Today is basically a non-profit. I haven’t been feeling well. It’s not quite a cold or flu situation but my body feels completely drained. Last night, I felt drunk and I haven’t even had a drink. Not awesome. Wednesday I skipped because the over-extended muscle I mentioned from Day 23 was seriously rearing its ugly head. The worst part is that I was so looking forward to trying a new yoga class. It was my own little compliment to myself about the progress I’ve been making. I have five more days to try, I suppose, to do one during my challenge.

I chose Boat for the PotD because I figured if I didn’t do yoga for two days, I might as well be aspirational about it. This probably looks harder than it is… then again, Downward Dog looks easy. I know a woman whose young son saw it in a kids’ yoga video and sat quite comfortably in that pose for several minutes. I just want to see if I can do it. When I’m feeling better. Not now. The only thing I want to stretch right now is my arm towards towards my water bottle. Or wine.


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