Yoga Challenge: Day 23

Pose of the Day: Sitting Eagle

The PotD comes from the DoYou Yoga video for Day 23, a routine for easing stress in the neck and upper back. I always need this. The arms for this pose are twisted in the same way as full Eagle, but you either raise them as usual or lower your clasped hands away from you. I am so in love with this pose! It’s much easier than standing because you don’t have to focus on balance. Your upper arms, shoulders, shoulder blades. all of it gets nice and stretched. The whole workout was fantastic. If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow yoga challenge that’s not too high impact (except for the dastardly amount of Downward Dog), I highly recommend visiting the DYY website and signing up. It’s free. (And no, I’m not getting paid to say that. I also recommend getting videos from the library, since those are also free.)

I am a bit sore today–I think I over-extended a muscle–but I’ve noticed that I haven’t been in as much pain in the mornings as I used to. I’m still riddled with fibromyalgia, mind you, I haven’t gotten rid of it. However, my symptoms/flares have been occasionally eased by some of these poses I’ve been featuring. I also wonder if I’m having less painful episodes because of the yoga. Who knows?

The main thing is that I’m finding that I feel much healthier overall. Remember the McDonald’s thing last week? Well, it doesn’t just apply to McD’s, I can’t eat Hardee’s either. Well, I an,but the afterwards wasn’t pleasant at all. But I look forward to my high-protein breakfast everyday. I assume it’s high-protein, anyway; baby bella mushrooms, egg, bacon (shut up, it’s meat, it has protein), plus the greek yogurt in my smoothie. I’m actually starting to crave it at night, too. It’s funny how making one change, like a simple workout routine, makes you so much more aware of what you’re doing to yourself. It’s the butterfly effect, but you’re the one who gets to fly and feel beautiful.


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