Yoga Challenge: Day 22

Pose of the Day: Double Pigeon

It just occurred to me before sitting down to type this that this is my last full week! I am seven days away from doing 30 days of yoga!! (Okay, minus those two days off per week that I gave myself. But still, YAY!) I feel incredibly accomplished, even though it’s not as much as some other people do–I have a friend doing a squat challenge and she’s at about 200 a day right now–but it feels good to be doing something. A strange side effect has been that I’ve kept the bedroom much more clean and less cluttered because I need room for my yoga mat. That’s reason enough, alone, why I should continue to do yoga as much as possible when my challenge is through.

Last night, I made myself my own Yoga/Sleep mix on my Amazon Prime, so it was a little extra fun and relaxing at the same time. I continued with some chamomile tea in my special pot. It really made the routine more attractive and it felt less like work/exercise. I looked forward to it instead of saying, “oh yeah, I have to do this now.” I was enthused. I spent a lot of time on the floor. The past few days, I’ve been focusing more on my hips and shoulders and all my favorite poses for those happen to occur prone or prostrate on the mat: Cobbler, Child, Cat-Cow, etc… Apparently, my fave positions also start with C. Cobra.

Later this week, I’m hoping to attend a regular yoga class. I was excited to do it this morning, but circumstances just wouldn’t let me do it today. The next one I’m looking at is on Thursday, so we’ll see what happens. I’m really just hoping for some fresh poses and I want to see how I fare in an hour long class when I’ve been averaging 15-20 minutes at most. We’ll see I suppose.



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