Yoga Challenge: Day 17

Pose of the Day: Legs-Up-the-Wall

I waited until nighttime to do my yoga yesterday. I was sort of excited to do DoYou Yoga’s 6 Poses for Sleep. Other than Corpse Pose, which just feels weird to me, I did all of them. (Sorry, but I can’t just lay there on the floor, it’s incredibly uncomfortable for me and I get jittery.) I don’t know if it helped me fall asleep any faster, but my body felt better and more physically relaxed when I was done.

I spent about five minutes on Legs-Up-the-Wall. It’s supposed to be good for fibromyalgia as well, something about releasing the blood and pressure from the muscles in your legs and hips. I used a pillow for support under my hips and lower back and I must say it felt pretty good. I noticed I was holding tension in my knees trying to keep them straight against the wall, but once I noticed it, I let go and it went pretty well. I also spent some quality time in Bridge Pose. I can do over a minute now. My sciatic muscles sometimes have an opinion about that, but they were quite amenable to the idea last night. This challenge isn’t doing much in the way of weight loss or toning, but it’s damn sure increasing my physical stamina as far as holding poses goes.

I’m more conscious, as I’ve said, about the foods I’m eating. Not that I’m really trying to eat different or specific foods, but I’m preferring things I cook to food I buy out. After the McDonald’s debacle yesterday, as well as a rare lunch out with my husband, I became hyper-aware of how much less grease I use in my cooking, and god knows what else these places are using, than these restaurants whose food often comes out gleaming with some sort of oil.

Omg, I’m becoming a yoga-food hippie. I need pizza rolls, STAT!!!


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