Yoga Challenge: Day 10

Pose of the day: Baby Pose

For Day 10, I did the Day 6 DoYou workout, a program for the lower back. I’m skipping over some of the challenge workouts in my email and cherry-picking for the things I actually need. I always need the lower back and anything for my shoulders, but I can definitely skip the core strengthening stuff because, while I’m in it for the yoga, I’m in it for specific benefits of yoga. Maybe once I figure out a way to maintain the pain areas, I’ll move on to focusing on other parts of my body.

I really liked this particular workout, especially Baby Pose. It elongated my back, stretched my leg muscles and still worked my core and arms, without feeling evil. It was a bit difficult to figure out to grab my feet and bend my knees in a comfortable way, but once I did, it felt very good. It was also nice to have a workout that wasn’t so Downward Dog focused, though I am doing much better with it. I found old copies of a yoga magazine at the library book sale. One has an article on how to strengthen your wrists and elbows, so I’m hoping that will make certain poses like DD, Bridge, and Plank easier on me. Sure they’ll still suck for the most part, but they should at least not wreck my itty-bitty joints.


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