Yoga Challenge: Day 9

Pose of the day: Thread the Needle

I’m not kidding, I am in love with this pose. I vaguely remember doing it in classes. I wish I had remembered it sooner because it is really great for stretching my shoulder blades, hips, and quads at the same time. I’ve heard some people complain about it, saying it’s too hard or too stretch-y, but it’s quickly becoming a new favorite. Here’s the thing: I had a physical therapist last year (before insurance said, ya know, no more) who said part of my soreness problem is that my ligaments were so loose it was as if they were struggling to hold me together, i.e. I am too flexible in certain parts of body. Apparently, this is a thing. So, this may be why I find some poses, like Downward Dog, evil, while others are super easy for me. Basically, I prefer the stretchy poses because they’re easier versus the strength ones. (Plank can pretty much kiss my ass). It is nice to discover, however, those times when you realize you held a difficult pose longer than the last time or the time before because you have somehow built up strength without realizing it. It gives you quite a sense of accomplish, especially when it’s one of those poses you’d be happy to abandon forever.

As for yoga in general, I’ve noticed my cat is not so much interested in me doing yoga, but that my yoga mat is secretly cat crack. I pulled it out and laid it down. While preparing my video, she just laid down on it and started rolling. She also finds poses where my head is down on the mat, the perfect opportunity to try to play with/eat my hair. Here I was, thinking, “At least my cat isn’t as bad as the ones in that video.” I was wrong. She is exactly like the cats in the video. I’m going to leave you with said video so you can understand my plight… though, at least I have a friend to do yoga with me.


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