Yoga Challenge: Days 4-7

Pose of the day: Eagle Pose

The thing with these challenges is that life inevitably gets in the way later in the week. Luckily, I was able to maintain my challenge, even if I wasn’t posting over the weekend. So, let’s do this by day, shall we?

DAY 4: I did a self guided workout, but I used a lot of the poses from DoYou Yoga’s Day 2 as well as Eagle Pose, one of my favorites for stretching out my angry shoulder blades. I waited until much later in the day to do my yoga because I have been very sore between my fibro-flare and the renewal of an actual physical routine. Say what you will about how short my workouts have been, but when you’ve done nothing and start doing something, there is a period of your body revolting. One thing I noticed was that it doesn’t take much to make my 10-minute minimum. I actually did over 15 without even thinking about it, something I thought I would have to work hard to do, especially being out of practice. Instead, I find myself wondering what new pose I can do or what poses I may have forgotten from years ago that I might want to do now.

DAY 5: I took the day off. I can do that. I said 5 times a week, minimum, and I was so busy all day that I just didn’t get around to my yoga. I did spend four hours grocery shopping, which involves being on my feet for extended periods of time (I go to every supermarket and shop the sales), so I did do something physical. It just didn’t count as yoga.

DAY 6: I was going to make this day, Saturday, my other day off. I have this nasty thing that happens when I get a hangover: my (once again, angry) trapezoidal muscles will go all knotty, the tension creeps up my neck, and adds to the headache I already have from over-consumption. This actually happens without drinking as well, sometimes to the point of such pain that I vomit. Nice, right? This little tendency is one of the reasons I practice yoga in the first place. At the end of the day, right before bed, I ended up spending my ten minutes stretching and doing some Warrior poses. Again, Eagle was a big help in feeling better.

DAY 7: Yup, took this day off too, because I could. I feel no need to justify this since I met my weekly and daily minimums.

As I go into Week 2, I’m considering what I to do for my workouts this week. The DVDs from the library I haven’t even perused yet? The days I missed on DoYou Yoga? Probably, a mix of both, along with my own workouts. The thing I like about guiding myself is that I get to choose my background noise. I’m loving the Swan Lake score and the Best of Sade collection. Two different moods, but that’s a far smaller number than the amount of moods I actually have. 😉

We’ll see what I come up with for my workout tomorrow!


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