Yoga Challenge: Day 2

Pose of the day: Child’s Pose

Oh boy, I don’t feel good today. Besides the random aches and pains that come with just being me and breathing, the soreness kicked in late afternoon. I’m proud of myself for doing the full video. Well, mostly. Will someone tell the people over at DoYou Yoga that Downward Dog should not comprise 50% of the 18-minute video? I mean come on. Plus, for a program that says it’s for beginner’s, that is a very difficult pose to continue to do and hold between every other pose. A friend, doing the same video with her husband, said that that husband actually started swearing at the instructor. I have to say, I totally did too. It’s also very difficult when your cat decides to set up camp on your mat right beneath your face as your balancing on your freakishly small wrists, staring at your own knees.

One thing that gets me through difficult poses or workouts like this is that I once had a yoga instructor who advised returning to Child’s Pose if a position started to hurt or was too difficult. This is great advice. Rather than pushing yourself, Child’s Pose is a great way to still stretch, you’re not completely giving up. Thinking of it as a sort of home base really helps me, a lot. I even do it when I’m not doing a full workout.

What really got me about this particular Day 2 video is that it was supposed benefit the chest & shoulders, if memory serves. There were a couple of twists that I really liked because they stretched out my crazy-tight shoulder blades and trapezoidal muscles (which a physical therapist once described as chronically angry). Still when the day came to a close, I was sore and my muscles didn’t feel any looser. They were achy, and not in that good progress-y way a workout makes you sore. It would be really nice for the supposed myriad benefits of yoga to start kicking. Any time now. Seriously.

For Day 3, I’m guiding my own workout with the aid of a few fibromyalgia-specific poses. We’ll see how that turns out. Stay tuned!


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