Gallon A Day: The Last Day!

30 days later, I am very proud of myself for accomplishing a goal I set for myself. I don’t have after pics like I had hoped. but here are the changes I’ve experienced since increasing my intake of water and non-caffeinated beverages:

  • A total of five pounds lost
  • Lighter undereye circles; it no longer looks like I’ve been punched in the face if I can’t find my concealer
  • A few less wrinkles, very few less, but still less
  • Brighter, softer skin, less gray-looking
  • More dependable happiness, and for someone with depression, that is really something!
  • Motivation
  • An increased consciousness of the other things I put into my body and how I’m treating it overall… I’m still not giving up pizza rolls and bologna. That’s just crazy talk.

I really don’t know what else to say, since I said a lot of it yesterday. I’m proud of myself. I’m looking forward to continuing to treat my water bottle as if it were an appendage. And most of all, I’m still excited to embark upon new challenges that will benefit me, be it in mind, body, or soul.

Stay tuned for when I start my Yoga Challenge next week! And, one last time, happy hydrating!!


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