Gallon A Day: Day 29

Nothing particularly special to report today. With my challenge winding down (today is my final day!), I’ve basically figured out what the changes have been and what I can expect in the future as I continue to keep myself hydrated. I’m excited to start a new challenge next week. More than anything, this water challenge has taught me that I can achieve whatever I want if I can figure out the one thing that will keep me going and motivated. That has been this blog. I’ve never been one to stick with personal changes for the most part, usually falling off the wagon because of cost, inconvenience, or just plain laziness. Knowing that I had to write about it, even though it was an assignment I gave myself, made me accountable. Even if I wasn’t perfect every day, I at least tried every day. I was a ware of what I was or wasn’t doing. That’s been a big deal for me.

Tomorrow, I’ll do a final post about all the changes I’ve discovered/documented. Maybe I’ll even post check-ins every now again as well. We shall see!


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