Gallon A Day: Days 24 & 25

New Year’s Eve: Wow. New Years Day: Ugh.

I’m glad for my increased hydration. While I ended up with a hangover on New Year’s Day, if it hadn’t been for this challenge, it could’ve been much worse than it was. I was very proud of myself for alternating my beverages with water. Still, a chocolate martini, like the rhythm, is gonna get you. Especially when there’s four of them. 😉

In the midst of it all, I was so glad that I’ve managed to make water palatable for myself. I didn’t have to struggle to rehydrate yesterday. Water just seemed to be the natural choice, rather than trying to find the right juice or soda that seemed like a viable option.

The only thing really bothering me now is a muscle headache, another side effect t of m fibromyalgia, which, on the whole, had been much better lately, though not perfect. See, I get a knot or four in my shoulder/back muscles and the pain will travel up my neck and into my head, causing a migraine that nauseates me and renders me basically useless. I thought it was the hangover at first, but when water, food, and time didn’t cure it, I knew something was up. And who ever heard of a 48-hour hangover, when you weren’t even that ridiculous in the first place? I was just really hoping that hydration would somehow lubricate my muscles and make them glide more smoothly or something. Today is not shaping up too well, so far.

Here is to the new year and to water and relief! (Raising my water bottle in a toast.)


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