Gallon A Day: Day 23

This will be a quick post since I have a lot of writing and blogging planned for today.

I’m still doing good. My changes seem to have levelled off. I’m happy but not freakishly ecstatic like I’ve been a few times. I’m still motivated. I’ve actually gone the last few days without a nap, though more than energy, it may attributed to the sleeping I’m going since the kids don’t have to go to school.

A new thing I’m noticing, and I may totally be imagining this, but I swear the little lines around my eyes have filled in. My skin is not perfect and smooth like I had hoped, but it seems brighter. It’s just not as dull when I put my makeup on now. I still have those dark circles, but I dunno, I feel like I look better, regardless. I suppose that’s the most imnportant when doing anything that has to do with improving your body/appearance: that YOU think you look better, at least that you FEEL better. It will be interesting what my yoga challenge brings me after these 30 days are up.

As for tonight, Day 24 and New Year’s Eve, it will definitely be an experience. I’ll be hydrated and drinks are free at the party I’m attending, so I won’t be mindfully self-monitoring my $5-a-finger whiskey consumption. It’s actually the first big liquor-involved event I’ll be taking part of since I started my water challenge. Maybe I’ll actually alternate between water and alcoholic beverages like a smart woman is supposed to, and avoid a massive hangover in the process. We shall see!

Happy celebrating to all!


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