Gallon A Day: Days 16-21

Ugh, another bulk post. It seems I’ve been better at drinking water than I have at writing about it (which was most of the impetus for starting this challenge in the first place). Overall, I’ve done well over the holidays. Christmas was rough because I wasn’t feeling well. I was awake for maybe six full hours all of Christmas Day. I basically slept off whatever tropical virus is striking down writers and children everywhere right now.

Seriously, everyone is sick. Even my stepson has pneumonia, though he’s doing much better than last week. It’s actually pretty interesting to me that I haven’t gotten more sick than a few headaches and my deep-sleepy Christmas. I have a lowered immune system due to my various health issues, so I usually catch everything. I even got those nasty flulike symptoms from the flu shot that isn’t really the flu but feels like it and was laid up for almost a week. The fact that I’m doing okay almost makes me question whether or not my fluid intake is helping me be healthier.

I’m holding steady at four pounds lost. Technically a win, but I still don’t fit into the clothes I grew out of. Only sad because there’s a particular skirt I didn’t have occasion to wear until it no longer fit. Next month, I’ll be embarking on another challenge for myself, also geared towards a healthier me: 10 minutes a day of yoga. A nice easy minimum that can easily go overtime and can really only benefit me. Hopefully, that will get me closer to the skirt.

This is something I’ve noticed since starting this challenge, and realizing I’m already in the home stretch. I’m interested in challenging myself. It gives me something to write about, sure, but I also like myself for doing it, even on the days I’m not making my goal. I don’t have all the energy I thought I’d get back nor do I have the perfect complexion I was hoping for, but my skin seem brighter, my moods are so much better, and I actually feel like I know the difference between thirst and hunger.

As I wind down this challenge (9 days left!) and the year, I’m looking forward to the other things I’ll be accomplishing. I know I’ll definitely be drinking more water, even after I no longer “have to.” ;-


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