Showing Off

Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

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You little show off you, stuff it, shove it, stow it away, put down your wings, stop flapping, quit preening, quit boasting, quit bragging.  I heard all that as a child but now that I’m not a child, I can strut around a little, spread my peacock wings, I can blow my horn, toot my whistle, flap my arms.

Kids like to show off.  “Watch me mom, watch me jump, run, skip, watch me dive.” Kids like their parents to see their little antics because they’re just learning to use their bodies and all the ways that the body works are exciting.  Watch me fly.  Watch me leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Watch me.

But usually, as we grow up, someone talks us out of bragging about what we do.  Someone says, Sit down, hush up, be quiet.  It’s unseemly to brag.  Especially if you’re already a grownup. …

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