Gallon A Day: Day 15

If only beer and whiskey and caffeinated coffee counted toward my goal. Working backstage at a concert last night meant I completely forgot my water bottle and I felt too awkward to ask the band if I could sneak one of theirs. I did get a big glass when my friend and I went out afterwards but it was just barely enough. So I missed my gallon goal by 24 oz. yesterday. Y’all. I’m not doing very well, am I? At least I’m trying and that is always what matters most.

I do feel better overall. I’m motivated. Water is even becoming a sort of default. As soon as I wake up, if I have a slight headache, or my mouth is just a bit dry I go for a small glass of water. A quick 8 oz. and I’m on track. It’s a great feeling to know I’m taking care of myself without really trying. That is a huge deal for me. And I’m feeling so good about this challenge because it not forces me to do something so obviously healthy, but something I thought would be too hard to accomplish in real life. In fact, I’m so inspired by it that I’m thinking of making 2015 a year of challenges for myself. Small ones like this one. Little changes to write about. Really, that was the main reason I began this challenge; I was blocked and felt I had nothing to write about. Doing this means I have something to write about every day.

As I continue drinking water like it’s falling from the sky for the next two weeks, I’ll be thinking of what else I can do. I’m thinking next month may be 10 minutes a day of yoga, a small goal, but so healthy.


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