Gallon A Day: Days 10-14

It’s always hard to maintain anything when you’re not feeling like your best self. Since my doctor’s appointment last week, I haven’t been feeling well–pain, fatigue, overall grossness. Of course, I functioned as I needed to, but I just never got around to typing up my experience because by the time I napped or took a pain pill, I had to function in the real world, not online. It just had to wait. BUT I am back, still in pain, but drinking and blogging away.

Even though I was in pain, and just felt awful for most of last week, I still made sure that I was doing everything I could to keep on going with my challenge. I met my goal or came within 12oz. every day! It’s really a change for me to be in a lot of pain and still be able to maintain an upbeat attitude. I was still joking around, performing, laughing, affectionate; usually I hole up in my bed like an infirm Victorian. I really do attribute my improved mood on the hydration. Even if I’m not having a depressive mood, I still get pretty maudlin and despondent when I’m not feeling well because it’s so frustrating, and quite often. It sucks to not be able to function the way you want to. But lately, I’ve been able to still be happy for the most part, even if I got snarky. (Though I maintain that my snark is still humorous if you get me and my personality.)

I’m still getting pimples and whatnot as my toxins get forced out by all that water. And even if my undereye circles haven’t faded away and the minor wrinkles are still there, I feel prettier. Maybe my complexion is brighter, but I can’t tell. I’ll post “after” photos at the end of my 30 days and y’all can judge for me.

Now for the big news: I am down 4-5 pounds!! (I add the hyphen to account for clothing difference.) That’s huge! Doing nothing else but making sure that my body was getting the fluids it needed, I lost weight. I’m not saying people should suddenly abandon their careful/restrictive eating plans and stop exercising in favor of simply drinking more water. What I’m saying is that I find it amazing that just one change made a crazy difference. So, if you are on a plan, staying hydrated  appropriately could help meet your goals. But talk your doc, obviously. I know nothing about health. I eat pizza rolls four times a week as if they were a valid meal option.

On to a holiday week filled with gift wrap and eggnog (and a quite fair amount of water)!


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