Gallon A Day: Day 9

I think that now is a good time to point out that as we try to improve our lives and our health, there will be days when the world says to you, “Nice try.” Yesterday was just pathetic. I was in a lot of pain from a procedure at the doctor’s office, so I pretty much slept all day. I basically consumed about 50 oz. of liquid (hey, at least I got more than half my water).

There will always be times when you know you could have done better, or that you wanted to try harder and you just couldn’t muster the fortitude to do it. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means you try the next day and the next, knowing that at some point it will be second nature to do whatever that thing is. My writing, for example, goes through phases. I’m super-productive for a month, then blocked for another two. I come out of it. When I do have those productive months, I make the most of them by reading, writing reviews, poetry, etc. I don’t waste it. When I end up blocked, I try not to crawl into a hole and wither, I do my best to stay open for the next bout of inspiration to come along. For instance, this challenge was just another way to keep me writing while my poetic muse is on vacation.

So I’m not going to berate myself for messing up. I’m still in pain, anyway. But I am going to keep trying to get to a gallon every day. And if I don’t, then I don’t. After all, this is a CHALLENGE, meaning you can meet it or not. What’s most important is that I’m honest about my results. I do that, if nothing else.


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