Gallon A Day: Days 6 & 7

I was a bad, bad girl this weekend. (Apologies to Fiona Apple.) I didn’t make my goal either day, and yesterday I didn’t even make my water minimum (the first day that’s happened so far). I’ve been lamenting about how hard it is, but I know other people are doing just fine with it, so I guess I can’t keep whining about it. I just need to take on today and every day with renewed force to do what I set out to do.

I was hoping to make a note that I’ve lost a couple of pounds so far. That’s what my scale said. The third time. After it told me I’d gained ten pounds. I double-checked today. It’s telling me I gained ten pounds today, too. So either the crappy eight-dollar scale I bought is broken and I really did lose two or three pounds–YAY!–or I gained ten pounds of water weight/bloat–not fair–or I misread the scale the first time. All of these are possible, but I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, during which I will get weighed properly, so that will be documented in a couple of days.

Still pretty level and having good moods. It’s really been lovely. I’m waiting for the promised energy and bright complexion to come along. One weird thing is that my hair hasn’t looked as stringy after 24 hours like it usually does. I usually have to wash immediately to freshen it, even though my stylist sister-in-law says only every other day. Last week it really looked good after skipping a wash. Unexpected, so why not mention it?

Also, the release/ridding of toxins is beginning to happen. My stomach was angry this morning and I’m starting to break out like I haven’t in quite a while. My husband’s theory is that as the water reaches the skin and begins to hydrate it, it’s pushing out the dirt and oil and general grossness lurking in my pores. Sounds about right to me, even if it’s not a perfectly scientific explanation. I’m looking forward to a smoother, cleaner face.

On to the rest of Day 8 for me. Wish me luck that I pull through on my goals today!


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