Who do we listen to?

It’s so true. And more importantly, we have to make sure that we ALLOW ourselves to HEAR the kindness in order to be able to listen to it. So often it’s easier to hear mean because it speaks louder. You have to pay attention, but the kindness, though it may be softer, has such a sweeter voice.

Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

kitty 053

I would argue that we listen to kindness. If we think someone likes us, we can hear what they have to say even if it’s criticism. But if someone is mean, we just assume that whatever they’re saying is b.s. Or at least I do. If I receive a mean email advising me to do this or that better, all I see is mean. The advice just disappears into the paper.

Recently, we received an email telling us what we should do differently with Red Hen but it was a mean spirited email by someone who probably wasn’t a fan of books, let alone of independent publishing. Mark remarked that the author of the email might have some good points. Nice of him to think so, but I couldn’t see it. Fortunately the delete button works pretty well on my laptop. And Mark could have been right, there may have…

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