Gallon A Day: Day 4

Other than my positive mood, I’m pretty much not experiencing anything new. A friend who is also participating in my challenge (how cool do I feel?!) and I joked yesterday at lunch that while we may not lose weight or feel motivated, our bladders are definitely getting stronger. I mean I feel like I have a bodybuilder in there with all the exercise it’s getting. Maybe a bit graphic, but every 20-30 minutes is a lot. Then I read this morning that the most important thing for consuming for hydration is that you don’t gulp it down. Rather, you sip a bit at a time. You still consume the same amount, but your body won’t feel the need to expel it as quickly, meaning you’ll benefit from giving that liquid, and therefore its nutrients, time to be absorbed by your body.

Overall, I didn’t notice any major changes. I’m still getting headachy due to the lack of a constant flow of caffeine. I was also so desperate to drink something other than water and Sprite yesterday that I had some wine. This consequently meant that I didn’t consume an amount of liquid that counted in its place so I missed my goal by 10oz (it was a big glass of wine).

What is getting to me so far is the fact that I set out to do this for health reasons and to give myself something to write about, but it’s so difficult to get to that goal, I find myself lamenting more than enjoying right now. I mean, it is a big change for me. I never really think about what goes into my body and I like it that way. I was never one who had to had to worry about my weight until I turned thirty, and even then, I resented having to worry so I didn’t; I just bought new pants in a size up just in case I needed them. But since putting on 20 lbs in just a couple of months, I realize that I need to focus on my body. I’m already living as a 34-year-old in a 70-year-old’s body. (Side note: This is a fact. I once said it to my rheumatologist as a joke. He didn’t laugh. He said, “Yeah, you kind of are.“)

Every book/article/brochure about fibromyalgia and improving health in general refers to drinking water. Even for losing weight, they say to drink a glass a water before a meal to help you feel full.I didn’t think it was working until last night when I couldn’t finish even a third of a meal I can usually eat at least half of (I’m famous for taking home leftovers.) This is fine, good even. But I feel deprived. That’s why I’m complaining. I started drinking more water to feel good and I feel like I’m missing out. I said I wasn’t going to consciously change what I consumed, but I feel like I’m so focused on my goal and what counts that I’m not treating myself to a good dark beer; wine felt like cheating. Maybe that’s what it should be like, though: a treat, something you give yourself for being good.

As much as I complain here though, I AM proud of myself. I’m doing something good for me and since I’m writing about it I have to keep with it. And since I have to keep with it, I have to write about it. Two birds, one water-full stone.


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