Gallon A Day: Day 3

Hey, I made my goal again! I even went over by a few ounces. AND I drank more than my 64oz. water minimum: almost 96oz!!Yay me! I’m noticing that I’m giving up those drinks that “don’t count,” which consequently means that I’m drinking far less caffeine and alcohol (I usually have at least a glass of wine with dinner, but it just doesn’t seem worth it right now). Granted it’s only been a few days, so it’s possible I’ll go back to my usual when I’m more used to drinking this much of anything.

A thing I’m noticing is that while I feel more full more quickly, I still want to eat. A lot. I never meant to go on a diet, but I feel like I’m consuming more, even though I know I’m not. Which makes me wonder if I should be fighting my cravings (which I never really felt all that guilty for) and cutting back. It’s such a weird feeling.

Moodwise, I wasn’t as super-happy as I was on Day 2, but I noticed that, as frustrated as I got over a bunch of stuff, it didn’t seem to ruin my day. I mean I was bitching and swearing, but I still felt okay. Many times, I’ll tear up or start shaking and stuttering because I am just so mad, but I really felt okay once I got it out of my system. Could it be that water is the ultimate mood-stabilizer? Probably not, but if it is indeed my consumption that’s making life a bit more bearable, then it should be noted.

Physically, I’ve felt no change. I’m still suffering headaches, which I think may be from the reduced amount of caffeine I’m consuming (again, it just doesn’t count). I also have extremely tight muscles in my neck and shoulder/back area which often lead to nauseating migraines, so I doubt there was anything more going on than that. My fibromyalgia kicked into high gear last night; my legs were in a lot of pain, very achy. It used to happen all the time, but not so much anymore. It was pretty disappointing to be in pain like that again.

Honestly, I know it’s too early to expect any physical changes, other than the increase in bathroom trips. I just can’t help hoping that this will truly lead to feeling better all the time. Even if it’s a placebo effect, it’s still an improvement in quality of life, right?

In the illustrious words of commenter Carol S. yesterday, Keep on chugging!


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