Gallon A Day: Day 2

Day 2 was much easier than Day 1, but still pretty hard. When you’re going from little to a lot, no matter what it is, I think the abundance will be jarring. I did get my full gallon, though! (Day 1 I only managed about 90oz, but this isn’t about beating myself up, it’s about aiming for something good.) I took some notes throughout the day.

845: Rather than determinedly shaking the pot to extract every last drop of coffee into my requisite 3rd cup of morning jolt, I quit at half a mugful, when the stream first starts to trickle, and choose to fill my water bottle to supplement my breakfast drink-of-choice. This is a big deal.

This is true. I think this was one of the best steps I took all day because it started my drinking earlier. By noon I was already halfway to my water minimum of 64oz.

1130: I should be an hour into my daily nap which I try to take early so I can function like a normal human for the rest of the day. I have none of the extra energy that’s been promised by the water-touting people/articles; I just can’t fall asleep because every time I nod off, I have to pee.

I barely managed a half hour. As a sufferer of fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I need my nap or I am incredibly uncomfortable all day. I get massive headaches and my body will feel like it weighs a ton. However, I was still able to get up and function. I didn’t even feel crabby about it. Later in the day, I did still feel overwhelmingly tired, but I stayed awake.

240:  32 water 12 soda 8 coffee Headache

At this point, I was taking a tally to make myself feel better.

400: still a headache, may be more from staring at screen all day, 16 water, 12 hot chocolate

That headache was managed with some Tylenol. Surprisingly, I noticed that one dose was enough and took care of me for about 4 hours, much longer than usual. Weird, but not sure if this was a result of my hydration.

Overall, my mood was spectacular yesterday. Not sure if it was being fully hydrated or the fact that my favorite Sirius XM channels seemed to be conspiring to elevate my mood. Seriously, every time I changed a song I wasn’t a fan of, I found an old favorite–right at the beginning–pretty much all day. I was rocking out, dancing in the passenger seat, being all creepy-happy for my husband. Many good things happened yesterday, but a great mood was the best. Not sure if I can attribute it to all that liquid, but I’m really hoping it will be a long term benefit.

Finally, I just want to say something to those who’ve expressed that they’re going to join me in my challenge:

PLEASE make sure that you’re drinking more than just water if you’re not already a big water drinker. Water intoxication IS A THING and I don’t want anyone getting sick. has a hydration calculator if you’re curious about how much water you really need. No, it’s not a medically accurate mechanism, but it will give you an idea. A gallon is great in theory, but remember that I am counting LIQUID not just water. For a list of what I’m counting, check out my Gallon A Day Intro or WebMD’s list of healthy beverages for hydration.

Thanks all! Happy hydrating!


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  1. Keep on trucking or should I say chugging…..hope it does help!

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