Gallon A Day: Intro

A little set-up:

I’ve some amazing pics online of women who drank a gallon of water a day whose faces were brighter, their undereye circles paler, their wrinkles all but gone (more likely filled out from being so sunken in before hydration). These women’s testimonials are all about how they got brighter complexions, slimmer waists, and more energy just by drinking water. So why not try it, right? All the medical research will tell you that, yes, drinking water is good for you; being dehydrated has side effects such as fatigue, crabbiness, and bloating. Awesome. What I’m wondering is what it will do for me.

I don’t like water. I never have. The only reasons I’ll drink it are:
1) I’m already drunk and trying to save myself from a fate I’ve already succumbed to.
2) I just don’t feel like paying $2-3 on a soda I’ll only drink half of.
3) I’m learning choreography for a show and sweating my ass off and water is the only option because I’ve already run out of whatever soda or coffee I brought along to drink that day.
With options 1 & 2 I will do everything in my power to get at least a lemon in there because I don’t like water. I don’t like the taste. Yes, water has a taste. If you have bad breath at that moment, it will taste like the nasty inside of your mouth. In the morning, for example. Depending on where you are drinking the water, it could taste like rust, or dirt, or whatever else is going in the pipes its coming out of.

I am going to get over this. The water out of our home tap is just fine. It’s city water, so I know it meets some type of standard of drinkability. I really just want to see what happens to me, as a person who rarely drinks it. Who rarely drinks anything that isn’t caffeinated or alcoholic. Who barely drinks 32oz of liquid a day.

Some ground rules:

I did my research. Lots of things count as water/hydrating liquid. Even coffee and tea count. I have to make sure I’m doing this in a way that works for me. I can’t just go from no water to a gallon. It’s called water intoxication. Drinking too much water can also drain your body of vital nutrients. So while I am going to aim for a gallon of day, we’re going to say liquid not water. That being said, I will be drinking water. Quite a bit of it. So here are my rules:
1) 64oz of the 128oz (1 gallon) must be water. Adding a lemon is totally cool for making it more palatable if need be, according to WebMD.
2) What counts:
a. up to 8oz of coffee per day (I usually drink way more than that, but in case it is too diuretic, we’re only counting one.)
b. Juice, preferably watered down a bit
c. Non-caffeinated soda, like ginger ale or Sprite
d. Milk
e. Watermelon (probably not gonna happen, but it’s 90% water so it totally counts)
3) What doesn’t count:
a. Wine (sad)
b. Beer (dammit)
c. Other liquor, i.e. whiskey
d. Espresso drinks (because while I’m counting milk, it has coffee too, so it’s basically just a moot drink)

And finally, some stuff about me as an individual:

• I have fibromyalgia.
• I take at least a one hour nap every day, usually longer if I can manage it, because of my overwhelming fatigue.
• My back hurts almost all the time.
• I get at least two headaches a week.
• I’m a fairly moody person. I’ve struggled with depression my entire adult life, but I am—luckily—not having a depressive episode right now. I’m still very sensitive and can be quite crabby. I’m mentioning this only because crabbiness is listed as a sign of dehydration.

These are the things I will paying the closest attention to besides my outward appearance. I want that brighter, suppler skin. Also, I quit smoking four months ago. I put on weight. Like 20 lbs, according to my doctor’s appointment in late August to tonight, when I stepped on a scale again). Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but last month my pants fit and this month they don’t. I don’t usually measure my weight in pounds. I really only care if my pants fit, and, since they don’t, I’ll be measuring my weight in pounds as well as appearance for the purpose of this lil experiment.

I will need support. I drop things easily. I really want to keep this experiment up, especially if I’m going to benefit from it. Words of encouragement through Facebook, Twitter, and comments below will be greatly appreciated.

I have taken some before pics. Pardon the lack of makeup. Except for the pic in which I’m wearing makeup. I think I look cute in that one.

photo 1[1]photo 3[1]


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