Gallon A Day: Day 1

So far, I have to pee. More than usual. And I always joke that I have the bladder of a nervous puppy. Also, an ill-worded joke about being drunk on water led to undue concern. So far, no, I am most definitely NOT suffering from water intoxication.

As of 8 p.m. my totals are:

Coffee: 8oz.

Water: 52 oz.

Hot Chocolate (made with milk): 12 oz.

TOTAL: 72oz.

Dude. This is HARD!! How am I going to get up to 128 oz. a day? I mean I know I should work my way up so I don’t hurt myself, but seriously, how do people drink this much in a day and not need a life preserver? I feel like going to be up every half hour tonight. And the weird thing is that I want to eat food, but I’m so full I don’t think I could handle anything more in my body right now.

And I have a headache. At least I’m not thirsty.

Also, I wanted to chronicle my weight once a week. Please note that I am not intentionally going to change my eating habits. I will still be eating pizza rolls and McDonalds as much as I damn well please. Otherwise, how would I know what difference the liquid is making? However, if my choices changes naturally, I’m not going to fight it. If I suddenly stop craving or eating salty foods, I just do. So:

Starting weight: 151 lbs.


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