Judging Poetry prizes

Why do I write? This makes me ponder my purpose for poetry, but in the best way. When we consider why we’re writing it helps us refill our passion coffers.

Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

mm 274

I believe in the state of American poetry. I believe in the story of it, the waft and weave of it. I love the way the narrative and the dramatic and the lyric mix themselves.

I love poets who are not working the “system,” not working for tenure track jobs, not playing the game, not working on a career. Poets who don’t believe in poetry careers. Poets who enjoy writing but write seriously. Poets who stop writing because they eat like hobbits and poets who can’t stop writing because poetry pulls at them.

Poets should have the ability to surprise, awaken, deafen, and absolutely to insist on being heard, on being read again and again.

I have a friend who writes these amazing poems that throw Jesus and John Lennon together on the road to Damascus. She wrote these poems because they were clawing at the back of her throat…

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