There is a salt shortage in Northwestern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Right now, most roads give the feeling of riding on a pockmarked dirt road. Only slippery. It makes me think that now is the time use some of that short supply of salt to avoid more mornings featuring no less than three cars in ditches, through guard rails, or mounted in the center lane of the highway like a town monument.

Why are we so obsessed with saving small amounts of things rather than using them when we need them so badly? (Exceptions: money for retirement, college funds, canned food for the zombie apocalypse)

Here is a list of my personal shortages that even my pack rat personality can’t seem to amend:
Poetic Confidence
Good Karma ( I keep spending it!)
Time to read
Rejuvenating nap time
Motivation to clean the house in the June Cleaver way I always meant to
Creativity beyond writing (I couldn’t make a decent scrapbook if you locked me in a Michaels store for three days straight)
Physical strength

I don’t begrudge myself the things I lack. I spend what little I have. I don’t stockpile for emergencies. I grew up poor. When you had extra, you enjoyed it, reveled in it. Take that, City Transportation Department!


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